Straight from the heart

Fall in love with every Eastern Visayan’s barbecue buddy- the rice wrapped with care- puso.̂

This rice delicacy which actually got its name from its shape is a perfect partner to your viand. The rice is hard in texture, as compared to the regular rice we cook at home, and is slightly sweeter because of the coconut frond or “lukay.” This heart-shaped side dish could last for two to three days for it to spoil thus, is considered as perfect for business.

Two pieces of pusô is enough to make your tummy full. This is just perfect for anyone who’s on a diet. There are two different variants of pusô. The most common is the heart-shaped, onde typically called as “kasing-kasing”. The other one is called “bira-bira” which is triangular in shape. It is available in barbecue stalls and even in fiestas.

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