Biri Enchanting: The Legend of the Golden Vessel

Biri is a haven of captivating rock formations and pristine seas. Carved by a millenia of crashing waves and volumes of gusts of winds, the unique structures enthrall many. Renowned Filipino movie director Chito S. Roño, a native of Calbayog City, Samar, has used Biri Island as a backdrop to a couple of his movies like the Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta billing “Iisa pa Lamang” and the 2003 fantasy hit “Spirit Warriors” starring Vhong Navarro and Danilo Barrios.


There are three major formations in Biri Island. In front of the first and second rock formation is a forest of mangroves that add to the natural beauty of the island. The vast area is peppered with natural pools where one can dip into and countless Instagram-worthy views. Most noteworthy is the third and largest rock formation. From afar, looks like the remains of a marooned ancient Spanish galleon ship. The trip to Biri isn’t complete without scaling its jagged walls. As you climb it, the flat surface is perfect for lounging and picnics.


Legend says that the third rock is home to mystical beings that own a large vessel made of gold, though only the chosen will be able to see it. Some locals say that these beings helped the town when it suffered a famine in the early 1800s. Though it has not been proven, the urban myth is widely known by the locals and is already considered a folk story.


To reach the island from Tacloban City, first travel to Allen, Northern Samar (around six hours). Then a jeep or tricycle ride away (around 15 minutes) is the jump-off point, the town of Lavezares. A katig boat will take you to the island municipality of Biri (around an hour).

The picturesque and lengthy roadtrip to Northern Samar is monotonous and the whole travel to Biri Island is a bit tedious, but like what all visitors say, “It’s definitely worth the trip!”

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