Tinapá de Calbayog

Tinapa de Calbayog

The 8 Magazine team visited at Calbayog city particularly at Pingping’s Tinapahan owned by Guadalupe de Guzman for over 20 years now.

Tinapá is most commonly Buraw (Scad) or Tamban (Sardinella). These are delivered fresh to the kitchens early every morning; the fish are cleaned then boiled in a special brine solution. Boiling time varies with the kind and size of fish. After, the fish are cooked and seasoned in this manner, they are moved to round, wooden racks and prepped for smoking. However the unique smoky flavor is imparted by premium wood chips. The resulting combination of the special brine solution and the quality of wood chips is what makes Calbayog’s Tinapá truly extraordinary. Through vacuum packing and freezing the fish can be preserved for up to a year without additives.

Mana Pingping’s kitchen accommodates order within 2 days notice and can prepare with consideration as to where the tinapá will be transported. Prices vary depending on the supply and type of fish that ranges from Php 50-100 per pack of 5.

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