Basey: A Cottage Industry

Basey is popularly known for weaving Banig. It started as a leisure activity and a symbol of status. The primary material used is the ticog or sedge which undergoes various labor-intensive processes before it is finally used to make hand-woven products. Ideally, the ticog should be woven in a place of cool temperature to keep it plaint. Some weavers would opt to do the weaving under a cave.

The Adona Family has made weaving and embroidery a family business, and it all started way back 1980’s when Lilio Adona and his wife Eva decided to come up with other ways to make use of the indigenous materials aside from making just banig. Their daughter takes over the business and now the Manager of Adona Arts and Crafts. They produce bags with varying designs and styles, organizers, floor mats, place mats and the collapsible storage box that can be used as a stool as well.

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