The Shoe Fits

Mai Escape-Ilagan, a shoe designer and entrepreneur from Tacloban City turned her passion into fashion. It was Mai’s cousin’s idea to drive her into venturing to business. Thus, in 2008, SHOESCAPE was born.

Her shoes appeared in Metrowear (ABS-CBN Publishing’s flagship magazines, Metro’s yearly major fashion show). She’s also lined-up with famous local fashion designers like Louis Claparols. Mich Dulce, Charina Sarte and a store at Rockwell Almost Famous.

Mai and SHOESCAPE have already been from print: Sense&Style Magazine, Meg Magazine, Preview Magazine, Philippine Star, and Philippine Daily Inquirer. To cyberspace:, famous blogs like, and photographer’s blogs. She was also on TV as a guest in The Sweet Life (hosted by Lucy Torres-Gomez and Wilma Doesn’t).

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