Lourd Almighty

Lourd de Veyra is one of today’s big personalities being a rockstar, writer, poet, commercial endorser, and broadcaster. He is known for his TV show Word of the Lourd and hosting gigs in TV5. Lourd has been able to publish five books already and is a vocalist of the hip-spoken lyric and jazz band called the Radioactive Sago Project.

This man of greatness has a wide vision in life. For him, life is unplanned. It is a series of accidents where after a chain of accidents. A person can go on with the flow of life he chooses to take. He must know that what he is heading to, and consider some things out of the course you wanted to that you might encounter. This is how he perceives one’s success.

With all his accomplishments, it shows that success is not just attained through one’s passion and skill. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to achieve your goal. A must of a strong faith believing you can make what life you desired to take.

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