Captivating Calbayog

The weekend of 8 magazine team was centered on exploring the outdoors. They started at Larik Falls that can properly be called nature’s work of art. This is situated in Brgy. Tinaplacan, Tinambacan District, it spans 10 meters in length and 4 meters in height. There is also Bangon- Bugtong Falls situated at the same place where the Larik Falls can be found. The beautiful, clear, and strong streams of water cascade from a height of 20 meters into a wide and deep rock pool. Aside from those, Calbayog has also this Pan-As Falls, a spectacular towering waterfall surrounded by rare timber and wildlife. This is located in Brgy. Pilar, and another hour walk from the barangay. However, Caglanipao Sur, the last barangay along the coastal area of Calbayog has something to be proud of– – Busay Falls. Its clear water cascading into a pool attracts families and groups for swimming.

Calbayog is also a place for Island hopping to Almagro Island, Camandag  Island, Sto. Niño Island, and Kerikite Island. You can dive to the seabed and collect shinny black pebbles that could only be found at Malajog Beach. On the other hand, Danao Cave and Guinago-An Cave are also available for spelunkers. Danao Cave is situated at the Western Coast of Calbayog City, inhabited by various species of snakes and bats while Guinago-An Cave is situated at the fringes of Brgy. Lungsob ,Oquendo District, 17 kilometers from the city proper and a 15- minute hike from the barangay.The team had a great experience exploring the Calbayog’s unique facets.

Indeed, Calbayog is the best example of what the Philippines truly is.

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